Microsoft has recently made a significant announcement: As of October 14, 2025, free support and security updates for Windows 10 will no longer be available. This might sound alarming, but let’s examine what this means in the grand scheme of things.

By the time 2025 rolls around, Windows 10 will have been in use for a full decade. It’s likely that Microsoft will have already launched Windows 12 by then, considering that Windows 11 is already on the market.

Maintaining multiple outdated operating systems is a massive task, even for a powerhouse like Microsoft. With 2025 fast approaching, it’s wise to start considering your options now. Here’s what you can do:

Option 1: Upgrade to Windows 11

The recommended route by Microsoft is to upgrade to Windows 11, which boasts impressive features and will continue to receive free updates until it reaches its end of service life.

Option 2: Continue Using Windows 10 with Paid Updates

If you prefer to stick with Windows 10, be prepared to pay for security updates. Note that these updates will not include new features. The pricing model is expected to be a subscription for monthly updates, though specific costs are yet to be announced.

Option 3: Use Windows 10 Without Updates

You might consider continuing to use Windows 10 without updates. However, we strongly advise against this option. Without regular updates, your PCs will be exposed to potential security threats and vulnerabilities. And without Microsoft’s support, even tech experts have limited options for assistance.

You have until October 2025 to make your decision, so there’s no need to rush. However, upgrading to Windows 11 sooner rather than later is advisable for the best performance and security for your business. The newer version offers features that could streamline your processes and ease your team’s workload.

If you’re contemplating a switch to Windows 11 or exploring other avenues, we’re here to support you in making a smooth and efficient transition. Feel free to contact us for assistance.


Are you still running on Windows 10? With Microsoft set to introduce charges for updates in 2025, it’s time to consider your next steps. In our newest tech update video, we explore your three main options and share our top recommendation. Watch now to stay informed and prepared!

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