1) Login to your email account by going to gmail.com
2) Click on your name (top right corner) and then click ‘Manage your Google Account”









3) Click Security and then scroll down to ‘Signing in to Google’ section







4) Click on ‘2-Step Verification’ and then click ‘Get Started’
5) You will be prompted to log in again
6) Select the method you wish to use for secondary authentication and click Next

Text Message
This method will send (via SMS/Text Message) a secondary code to your mobile phone number













7) After you click Next it will prompt you for the secondary code to verify if it is working.  If you use the Text message method, enter the code sent to the phone number.  If you selected Google Prompt, open Gmail app and tap ‘Yes, it’s me’ to verify.  Click Next.
8) Finally click ‘Turn On’ and you are done.










You can also add additional second steps to verify you such as Google Prompts and Google Authenticator (found in Google Play or Apple App Store).

For help with setting up alternate 2-step verification options please contact us.