Exciting news for Microsoft Teams users: Microsoft is unleashing an update that’s set to supercharge your experience. Say hello to a sleeker, faster Teams that not only works harder but smarter, too. Here’s what’s new:

Supercharged Speed and Efficiency
The latest Teams is all about speed. It’s like hitting the fast-forward button on your workday – think twice as fast as before but with half the appetite for memory and disk space. This leaner version is designed to streamline your workflow, giving you more zip for less resource usage.

A More Intuitive Experience
Microsoft has retooled Teams with user flexibility in mind. Integration with third-party apps is smoother, phone calls outside of Teams are less of a hassle, and you can hop into meetings so quickly, it’ll make your head spin.

Tech-Savvy Sharing
Sharing resources with your browser just got more intelligent, meaning Teams now requires less memory and disk space. It’s like a tech tune-up that makes everything run like a dream.

Cross-Platform Performance Gains
Whether you’re a Windows devotee or a Mac enthusiast, this update doesn’t play favourites – everyone gets the performance lift.

A Redesign That Puts You in the Pilot Seat
Prepare for a productivity revolution. The refreshed interface now includes a handy “mark all as read” feature, saving you precious time.

Meet Copilot: Your AI Sidekick
Enter Copilot, the AI whiz that distills the essence of your chats and calls, offering summaries like a personal assistant (minus the coffee runs).

Ready, Set, Switch!
The switch to the new Teams is ready when you are. Just peek at the top left of your Teams app for the “try the new Teams” option, give it a flip, and you’re on your way.

And if you ever find yourself needing a guiding hand with Teams for your business, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Say goodbye to long load times! Microsoft has revamped Teams to be quicker and more memory-efficient than ever before. Dive into our newest video for all the exciting updates!

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