You’ve meticulously checked your pockets, rifled through your bag, and even peeked under pillows in a frantic search. Then, that sinking feeling hits you: you inadvertently left your work phone on the coffee shop table.

A surge of panic courses through you.

It’s not merely the device itself that sends shivers down your spine; it’s the confidential business data it harbours. The prospect of that mobile falling into the wrong hands is the stuff of nightmares.

But fret not, for a remedy is on the horizon. Microsoft and Samsung have collaborated to enhance the security of your work mobiles. This month, they’re unveiling a groundbreaking solution aimed at safeguarding individuals who use Samsung Galaxy devices in professional settings.

The answer lies in “on-device attestation.” This innovation empowers companies to assess whether mobile devices have been compromised, even down to their deepest components. Picture it as a vigilant security guard for your smartphone.

Samsung contributes its software and hardware advancements, while Microsoft lends its expertise in endpoint management.

In contrast to other device attestation tools that demand network connections and access to cloud services, this solution remains steadfastly reliable, regardless of network connectivity or the device ownership model.

This cutting-edge solution will debut alongside Microsoft Intune (formerly known as Windows Intune), a comprehensive endpoint management service catering to both corporate devices and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) scenarios. It will roll out for select Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, especially those fortified by “Knox” security.

So, whether your workplace is a bustling coffee shop, a serene cabin in the woods, or the traditional office setting, you can find solace in the assurance that your device is shielded.

In the realm of business, your mobile is far more than a communication tool; it doubles as a repository of sensitive and valuable data. With Microsoft and Samsung at the helm, that repository has grown significantly safer.

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Microsoft and Samsung have collaborated to ensure the security of data on your business mobile devices. Curious about how they’ve achieved this? Check out our most recent tech update for all the information.

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